Kazushi Asamura

Co-Investigator, LAMP Mission
Associate Professor

Kazushi Asamura is a principal investigator of Arase (JAXA) / LEPi and Reimei (JAXA) / ESA&ISA, and a lead-Co-I of BepiColombo / MMO / MPPE. He also developed hardware / software of particle instruments onboard spacecraft JUICE (ESA), Kaguya (JAXA), Chandrayaan-1 (ISRO), Venus Express, Mars Express (ESA), and IMAGE (NASA), as a Co-I. For sounding rockets, he was a PI of instrument packages onboard SS520-3 (JAXA) and RockSat-XN (NASA), a Co-I of particle instruments onboard S-310-35, SS520-2, and SS520-1 (JAXA). He received his Ph.D in geophysics from Kyoto University. His research interest contains wave - particle interactions and particle transport in the magnetosphere.